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»Male nude on light beam«
QUANTEC artwork 1983

More than a reverberator

These days, audio industry experts once again acclaim respectfully, that, when it comes to modeling perfectly realistic, esthetically appealing musical room acoustics, QUANTEC will, for years to come, remain the measure of all things:

Can a 30-year old algorithm in a tiny blue box really be at the cutting edge of room simulation? The answer to that question would appear to be “yes”. Hugh Robjohns ("SoS" Review 7/2011)

Since the 1982 Montreux/CH AES convention, where the legendary QUANTEC room simulation algorithm »QRS« started to take the audio industry by storm, both algorithm and room models continued to evolve ... [more]

»Drummer in wine glass«
QUANTEC artwork 1984

USP: pristine sonic quality

Regardless of instruments, regardless of settings - a QUANTEC room always responds like a real room. Every Yardstick is brimful of stunningly realistic, almost tangible rooms of all types and sizes. And most important to us, rooms where you feel comfortable:

Sonically the Yardstick is fantastic! You can actually hear every wall in the rooms and you just want to crawl inside! Alwyn Walker (Westland Studios, Dublin)

Our new 4th QRS-generation 249x Yardsticks, which deliver a 15-fold increase in DSP power, feature comprehensive room models that are indistinguishable from reality. Even such trained listeners like classical instrumentalists are unable to discern our virtual rooms from sophisticated microphone recordings of real rooms ... [more]

Be sure to listen - our latest technology

Medical practice trumpeters

Let's fire a quick demo to give you an idea of what 21st century state-of-the-art room simulation can do for you. Transparency, spatiality, and a total lack of coloration in a very lively reverb tail are simply stunning.

Visit our extensive »Sound Clips« section for many more spectacular room simulation examples. Listen and be amazed ... [more]

Drawing: Wolf Buchleitner / QUANTEC 2010
Drawing: Wolf Buchleitner / QUANTEC 2010
Room Simulation

Science goes Magic

Unlike a reverberator with its ray-tracing perspective (»reflections«), a QUANTEC room simulator approaches room acoustics from the air as a carrier medium (»resonances«).

Translating "room" to a wind instrument, the competition would concentrate on the solid interior boundaries of the wooden or brass instrument body.
QUANTEC, in contrast, concentrates its simulation resources on the elastic, vibrating air column within the instrument.

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Analog vs. Digital ?

My pro audio gear is basically:

New to QUANTEC ?
This starting page has been designed as a quick summary of what QUANTEC is all about.
We advice you to take a minute or two for reading and listening, before you'll get lost in the depths of the menus ...

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